Sentinel EP

by Deadfall

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GeN2Mo Deftones have had a lot of influence on the ambient and dreamy clean vocal stylings preferred by many bands of the djent movement, that lean towards the Progressive.
And nowhere does it show more clearly than here.
The clearly Deftones-esque approach to vocal melodies gives the already well written songs a strong flair of their own, without ever sounding like a ripoff. Favorite track: Sentinel.
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This three song EP is a small sampler for the full length album coming out this fall. Stay up to date through our Facebook and YouTube pages.


released June 8, 2013

Guitars, and Drum Programming by Eddie Kim
Bass by Sean Dusoe
Vocals by Chris Greene
Music Written and Produced by Eddie Kim and Sean Dusoe
Lyrics by Chris Greene
Mixed and Engineered by Eddie Kim
Mastered by Eddie Kim
Artwork by Sean Dusoe

Deadfall is...
Chris Greene - Vocals
Eddie Kim - Guitars
Sean Dusoe - Bass
Marc Brennan - Drums
Kyle Brennan - Guitars
Keith Dusoe - Guitars



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Deadfall Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Sentinel
in the end when only hope can heal you
when cold hearts declaim the fallen
the silhouettes are gathering to free you
you know that darkness has no reasons
who would defend that
i can't pretend
these promises of light
well, the less i trust in them when least i'm given
there is no justice to be found in the end
you've heard about the mess we're in
let's not pretend that you always have a reason
these dreams are poison-filled
with cuts and pills
and no one's gonna save us from our own ruin
the fall is simple and vicious
that's your last sight
one day from resistance we will learn
we face barren features of the past
are we immune, are we absolved
so blameless in the waste of your life
they all return to pay for the lie
i'll believe it when it comes
these promises of light
well, the less i trust in them when least i'm given
there is no justice to be found in the end
Track Name: Shades Of Inception
we will follow in death's cause
enumerate the truths, the fallen
deception, we are culled
and mutilated to the last son
we'll never be the same
our fear is loaded
we are forever lost
the fool has all the answers difficult
when violence can be denied
it fades into an ending typical
let it pull shades over eyes
these dreams are everything you wanted but the truth is war
mask of delusion - still feels like heaven is calling to you
but it's not enough anymore
in dreams we are at war
in every thought of you they feed the cause
we couldn't fight our demons
with hands and broken swords
i never thought of you as reasonable
reason will fall and never leave us to resolve, amend
we're perfect in the cold
the voice of reason and a failure to follow through
it's not enough
our fear is loaded
once gone but not forgotten
they will face what's already done
always it seems they face what's already done
always it seems this war is already lost
already lost
Track Name: The Divergence
another day, i remember you with summer wings
stretched out for flight
it's never fair, try to save ourselves from everything
that can't be defined
i made it through the fields and dived into the sea
it's not that kind of flight
awakening the beast, drowning and diseased
same faults come to light, yeah
but i won't fight it
you'll never see the benefit
promises you must resent
your throat closed in sorrow
one fool for every minute
far better to self rely
no chance for silence
we lead this waste of time from the pace
distrust is always implied on open roads
it's least of all like it should be
it's nothing like it should be
you're the reason for the waves, the crashing tides
when i get swept away
of all the things that you were, you were the lie
and i don't need the pain