The First Harbinger

by Deadfall

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Dan Strain
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Dan Strain One of my favourite finds of 2014 with absorbing ambience and diverse vocals that is a true pleasure to fulfill the senses.
Rick Gebhardt
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Rick Gebhardt Featured Decoy bandcamp find on 10/16/2014:
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GeN2Mo What the "Sentinel" EP promised, "The First Harbinger" delivers. Nothing more but also damn sure nothing less. Thumping Modern Progressive Metal groove and ambient melodic layering coupled with a Deftones-esque vocal approach. And it pays off beautifuly, as the way those vocal melodies wind through the instrumental layers allows the compositions, at their best, to play with the contrast between vastness and fragility to great effect. Favorite track: Visage.
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released August 5, 2014

Guitars and Drum Programming by Eddie Kim
Bass by Sean Dusoe
Vocals by Chris Greene
Music Written and Produced by Eddie Kim and Sean Dusoe
Lyrics by Chris Greene
Mixed and Engineered by Eddie Kim
Mastered by k8o
Cover Artwork by Jeremy Stewart and Sean Dusoe
Original Design by Jeremy Stewart
Post Design by Sean Dusoe

Deadfall is…
Chris Greene - Vocals
Eddie Kim - Guitars
Sean Dusoe - Bass
Marc Brennan - Drums
Kyle Brennan - Guitars
Keith Dusoe - Guitars



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Deadfall Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Death Code
they’ll never stand some banishment alone
i know the fate these savages deserve
bound by the fear of losing control
far better that dark passengers are witness to blood
your death in my sight, my will to play god
closer still - i won’t abandon this code
one more chance, you’ll slip
i see this every day
i’m not afraid to view the scenery in the depths of vicious minds
endless acts of indiscretion
closer to breaking through the code
countless acts of pure aggression
closer to breaking through the code after all
i’m not afraid to view the scenery in the depths of vicious minds
this image was the last you’ll know don’t fight it
oh father, with this mask i face the demons
bleed for them now so i can rest
from this lie truth will surface
maintain appearances one last time
Track Name: Sentinel
in the end, when only hope can heal you
when cold hearts declaim the fallen
the silhouettes are gathering to free you
you know that darkness has no reasons
who would defend that
oh, i can’t pretend
these promises of light
well the less i trust in them when least i’m given
there is no justice to found in the end
you’ve heard about the mess we’re in
let’s not pretend that you always have a reason
these dreams are poison filled
with cuts and pills
and no one’s gonna save us from our own ruin
the fall is simple and vicious, it’s your last sight
one day from resistance we will learn
we face barren features of the past
are we immune, are we absolved
so blameless in the waste of your life
they will return to pay for the lie
i’ll believe it when it comes
Track Name: The Divergence
another day
i remember you with summer wings stretched out for flight
it’s never fair
try to save ourselves from everything that can’t be defined
i made it through the fields, dive into the sea
it’s not that kind of flight
awakening the beast, drowning in disease
same faults come to light, yeah but i won’t fight it
you’ll never see the benefit
promises you must resent
your throat closed in sorrow
one fool for every minute
far better to self-rely
no chance for silence
we lead this waste of time from the pace
distrust is always implied on open roads
it’s least of all like it should be
it’s nothing like it should be
you’re the reason for the waves
the crashing tides when i get swept away
of all the things that you were, you were the lie
and i don’t need the pain
Track Name: In Death's Path
lines of reason are crossed, they fall powerless
a never-ending, self-exposed transparency
give them wars to fight
forgiveness is worth the cost
one last failure of the gods
in path of days ending, before our time is done
the parasites are all ascending
they know what will become
distant the memories, lasting the crimes
this world stands before us
reminding us of loss, an absence of cause
in path of days ending we stand only for ourselves
time will not fix what time has brought
faith will not mend what faith has wrought
time will not fix what time has burned
faith will not heal what faith has lost
we’re losing the fight for balance
with hearts of violence
silence the remorse
Track Name: Sirens
one day this full circle will escape past
you can stop, trust is so cold
we can find a way, you and i
one day this full circle will escape the past
you will find trust is so cold
but if we can dream on better times
and heed the siren’s call, frozen in time
someday, this full circle… we’ll escape the past
and you will find trust is so cold
but if we could dream of better times
...then we’ll try
she whispers songs to the sinners
a cherished moment or just the world collapsing
clouds lined in silver when the melody arrives tonight
Track Name: Shades Of Inception
we will follow in death’s cause
innumerate the truths, the fallen
deception, we are culled and mutilated to the last son
we’ll never be the same, our fear is loaded
we are forever lost
the fool has all the answers difficult
too violent to be denied, it fades into an ending typical
...let it pull shades over eyes
these dreams are everything you wanted but the truth is war
mask of delusion - still feels like heaven is calling to you
but it’s not enough anymore
in dreams we are at war
in every thought of you they feed the curse
we couldn’t fight our demons with hands and broken swords
i never thought of you as reasonable
reason will fall and never leave to resolve, amend
we’re perfect in the cold
the voice of reason and a failure to follow through
it’s not enough, our fear is loaded
once gone but not forgotten
they will face what’s already done
always it seems it seems they face what’s already done
always it seems this war is already lost
Track Name: Visage
the sun has set in shades of blood
she will heed the curse
and time will take what’s owed to time
but with every life there’s no decision
she has heard countless submission calls
stay tonight for this endless appetite
the way she moves at night across the scenery
she will burn shapes in dark light
they’ll never see it coming
death has played across her mind one thousand times
she will take your final breath and forever you’ll be longing
fallen, undead, strong but powerless...
to shed this curse
down on your knees and broken
you drive a sightless mind
heard every warning spoken and you ignored the signs
my hands are tied - a lesson learned lest i pay the price
of this sacrificial, burned out hole
seems i’ve covered in lies
you missed the opportunity to save your soul
please stop chasing the cause
the way she moves.. through scenery she burns shapes in dark light
they won’t see her coming… death plays before her eyes
she will take your final breath and forever you’ll be longing
fallen, undead, strong but powerless… don’t call out
Track Name: Utopia
it’s our downfall
we let our fears create the dark
...and search for more
soaked in fear, these lies are given faith
you sold your last dream for them to oversee
they will not compromise
there’s no relief and no remorse
they will find you, holy books and selling war
as you run so far to escape the sword
the truth is ours - we’re not immune in perfect worlds
beneath the scars we’re not immune
this rift is ours to mend
and it never fails how wishful thoughts as these
are helpless in the pathway of a dream
as you echo words insincere
i won’t feed the lies that prey upon the weakness of our minds
in search of certainty we never find
Track Name: New Light
for years complacent - a past life filled with lies
i’m only left with shreds of time
one will to decide, with nothing to lose and everything to find
and we said can this be all for nothing
one chance to miss our ride
if you would drown the sight and lead the sea into falling skies
this time, cold and blind
if only to be aware of this turning tide
this new light will burn all your pain
feed those flames until dust
one step from the grave with no replacement for trust
fall back into place, avoid this face at all cost
crawl our separate ways, destroy the weak and the lost
this new light has burned all your pain
and fanned those flames until dust
saved by every process
i put my love aside, caught in the cold
for this fate never even tried
our time is out
the story grows old now
Track Name: Harbingers: Dawn
daylight on distant eyes
we are the test that time ignored, fill our cowardly role
repeating sins of the past without hope
resent the world I can’t know, disavowed and broken
promises - given every opportunity
but nothing strikes the nerve of a tortured soul
i’m not aware of dreams i’ve dreamed
i can’t remember, but there’s solace in your glow
i won’t tell a soul
come home and from the visions rise
save us all, show us insight
and i’m aware of dreams so easy to surrender
there’s solace in your glow, we can fill this hole
come home and from the visions rise
save us all, show us insight
come home to promises of light
she holds the door open wide tonight
and as the sun that fades on the symbol chosen
fear is here to stay, kill the symbol chosen
rewrite destiny open the night up
thy hands are tied in sin
too many years we’ve turned our backs on what we’ve sown
we’ve killed the messengers
this won’t stop until dust has returned to bury us
you make the promise a thousand times
with no remorse for the decline
some will stray but it’s our only hope for unity
can we fight the urge to retain control
and i’m aware of dreams so easy to surrender
there’s solace in your glow, we can fill this hole